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The blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) is a marine mammal belonging to the baleen whales . At up to 29.9 metres (98 ft) in length and with a maximum recorded weight

Provides underwater and aerial photos of the blue whale.

Explore blue whales with this interactive from National Geographic

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The Blue Whale is a roadside attraction located in Catoosa, OK and one of the most recognizable icons on historic Route 66.

Blue whales are truly majestic giants of the ocean. The enormous size with their contrasting gentle behavior fascinates and entices one and all.

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A whale’s “nostrils” are called blowholes and are on the top of its head. Some whales have one blowhole and others, like this blue whale, have two.

The blue whale (scientifically referred to as balaenoptera musculus) is a large marine mammal that is part of the baleen whale (mysticeti) suborder and is the largest

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Blue Whale Challenge, also known as the Blue Whale suicide game, is an online game in which participants are purportedly assigned a curator who provides various acts

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