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Making a Gored Kirtle Pattern The gored kirtle I wear beneath my flemish gown is based roughly on the loose kirtle, dated to c. 1570-1580, described in Janet Arnold’s

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From $ 360: Lady McPhearson Standard Length Chemise Gored Skirt, Tam, Wool Tartan Shawl (Wrap) Not for Sale: Anne Bonny The Pirate Hand-made Sea-jerkin

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A not too long skirt with a pretty bottom ruffle. Underneath are attached coordinating culottes. Keeps

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The crinoline or hoop skirt was a popular undergarment for women see where it all began.

Challis Skirt – You’ll love wearing this elegant gored skirt with a fluid swing. Comfortable elastic waist. Approx. 30″L; Petites, 27″. Woven po

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How to Make a Full Belly Dance Skirt. These are instructions for making one of those dreamy, endless skirts— no matter how much you pull, tuck, turn, or whip ’em

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Bend Over Equestrian-Style Skirt – Six-panel gored design offers a superb fit that keeps its shape and flatters yours. Wrinkle-resistant polyester stretches up to

The author has graciously shared with readers of the Victorian Web this passage from the second edition of her Fashion in Costume, 1200-2000 (2000), published by A

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A fajita (/ f ə ˈ h iː t ə /; Spanish: ( listen)) is a term found in Tex-Mex cuisine, commonly referring to any grilled meat usually served as a taco on a flour

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